Dianne ONeill Third Grade Teacher

My name is Dianne O'Neill. I have been teaching third grade at Ashley River Creative Arts since the school's conception. It has been an exciting journey. Teaching children by infusing the arts in the academic curriculum creates a richer and more meaningful learning experience. Students thrive and grow in an environment that provides many ways to access information and acknowledges that children are intelligent in many ways.
Our drama, music, Spanish, media, computer, dance, physical education, violin, and fine arts teachers plan with the classroom teachers. Through this planning they are able to provide many learning opportunities for our students that connect to and enrich the curriculum being taught in the third grade class-room.
Parents also play a key role in the academic success of their children by making sure homework is completed, and by helping their children study for tests. Open communication from parents about their children’s academic and emotional needs is welcomed and encouraged. A good parent/teacher/ child partnership will help to insure a successful year in third grade. 
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