Using Accelerated Reader and STAR Testing

Accelerated Reader (AR) and STAR Testing are available to teachers and students at Ashley River Creative Arts. On this page are resources for teachers who want to get most from the programs. A FAQ for questions that were asked often in Ashley River’s first year using AR can also be found on this page. Please remember that Mr. Grayson is available for hands-on training or to answer questions!

Getting Results from Accelerated Reader (Official Guide)

Getting Results from STAR Assessments (Official Guide)

Frequently Asked Questions about Accelerated Reader (AR) and STAR Testing


How do I run class or student reports?

After you log in, click:

  1. Independent Reading (orange box at the top of the page)
  2. Reports
  3. Reading Practice
  4. Diagnostics-Reading Practice Report

When you reach the report page, select your class in the drop-down menu. Once your class is selected, you can choose an individual student or run a report for your entire class. You can change the parameters of the report to only show AR progress for the current quarter or to show your student's lexile level (to give two examples). Once you've adjusted the parameters, select Run Report. The report will come up as a PDF file which can then save or print.

A student used an internet search engine to find Accelerated Reader. Why can’t she log on?

Students should log in to AR using the shortcut on the desktop. Every school has a different web address to access AR, so search engines will likely send students to the wrong webpage.

Can students log in to Accelerated Reader from home?

This is generally discouraged. AR will not allow students to log in outside of school hours.

When can students come to the media center to take Accelerated Reader quizzes?

Students are welcome to use the media center at any time Mr. Grayson is present. If another class is the media center, the students can sit at a computer and quietly work on AR quizzes. Students taking AR quizzes also have priority to use computers during library check out.

What if parents have questions about Accelerated Reader or STAR Testing?

There is a Parent’s Guide to AR on the For Parents page of the website. Also, please feel free to forward any emails or questions to Mr. Grayson.

How do I add new students?

Please contact Mr. Grayson, and he will add them as soon as possible.

How can I end a quiz before it is graded?

AR requires you to enter the Monitor Password before a quiz can be ended early. Please contact Mr. Grayson for the password.


Remember that hands-on training is always available!

If you have any questions, please contact Lee Grayson at

Updated 8/7/2016