Kaitlyn Edington

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Mrs. Edington!


Hello friends! My name is Mrs. Edington I am so happy to be in my 9th year teaching elementary art!
When I was a child, I grew up wanting to be one of two things; an art teacher or a dolphin trainer. Unfortunately, growing up in the land locked city of Pittsburgh didn't lend itself to many marine biology experiences so I decided to go the art education route.

I graduated from Kent State University in 2008 with a BA in Art Education and a minor in fine arts. After graduation, I was determined to get a job and live where the sun shines, so I packed up my car and headed to beautiful Charleston where I started my first teaching job and haven't looked back since.

At Ashley River, I teach visual arts to grades 2-5, as well as Community Art Club, and Art Guild. In community art, my students work collaboratively to make artwork around the school and for performances. Art Guild on the other hand, is more of an elevated visual arts class used to push students who are passionate about art! I absolutely love watching my students learn and grow their artistic abilities and document many of our adventures in art through my Instagram account, artwithmrs.e! Parents, if you are on Instagram, be sure to follow me to see what kind of things your child is creating in art class. 

When I'm not teaching children, you can find painting pet portraits, spending time with my husband and son, and taking my crazy black lab Maddie to the dog park!