Ms. Waldron

This is my eighth year teaching computer literacy at Ashley River. I strive to create a positive learning atmosphere that encompasses and accommodates multiple learning styles, aptitudes and perspectives. I believe that a 'safe' learning atmosphere promotes flexible thinking, creativity and responsible risk-taking. 

I teach Kindergarten through fifth grade and head the 4th and 5th grade STEAM Robotics Club (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math). 

The ARCAE computer program is framed by the International Society for Educational Technology (ISTE) Standards for Students. These standards were updated in the Summer of 2016 to reflect an increased emphasis on 'transformative learning with technology.' The previous incarnations of these standards were from 1998 and 2007 which stressed both 'learning to use technology,' and 'using technology to learn' respectively. For more about ISTE please visit

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The school's thematic arts based curriculum, along with Common Core State Standards (CCSS), are integrated in the computer curriculum where appropriate and relevant. Throughout every lesson I emphasize cyber safety and making good choices in the classroom and beyond. Additionally, 2-5 grade students practice keyboarding skills using Typing Quest, a web based keyboarding program that can be accessed from any computer with internet access. In order for students to become proficient touch typists, frequent and repeated use is best just like learning to read or mastering the times tables. You can find the link to Typing Quest along with other web based resources on ARCAE homepage under the Student Tech Links tab.

In fact, the majority of web resources that students use during computer class can also be found here. There you will find categorized resources by grade level that are both educational and developmentally appropriate. Please encourage your child to share these with you so that they may extend their learning and reinforce the school/home link.

21st Century skill sets and competencies are also integrated into the technology program, such as; information and media literacy (the access, evaluation, use and management of information), life and career skills (flexibility, adaptability, independent and self-direction), leadership and responsibility (interpersonal and problem solving) to name a few. More details on 21st Century student outcomes can be found at All of the above elements are part of Charleston County’s technology vision in education. For more on this please visit CCSD’s Educational Technology division website at!about_us/csgz

My preferred means of communication is email, I look forward to working with your children in year filled with rich learning, growth and fun! 

Thank you. 
Ms. Waldron



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